Destined For Greatness

May 12, 2013 in bestservedsoup, One-shots by BestServedSoup

A shot written for the 30-minute challenge on Soshified. Edited and expanded upon for better flow.


As a child, she was told she was destined for greatness. She was raised in a regular family, born to a mother and a father who traded threads and trinkets for as long as she could remember.

She had lived her life in the small quarters of a farm house in the outskirts of an ancient city, and each day she would wake up to the sight of a vast cornfield, stretching for as far as her sight could behold.

Destined for greatness. She had believed these words right down to her very heart. It was what she had thought as she imagined herself journeying out to the lands beyond, basking in their majesty and meeting new people. Her parents had only wished the best for her, after all.

Then they were taken away from her. One slash, and that was all it took.

She had lost here parents and what little was left of her family’s fortune. From then on, Sunny was forced into living a hard life. She slept in the streets, picking amongst garbage in the dark alleys of a medieval city. People passed by everyday as she sat and lay on the floor, cold. They would not know her story, and she doubted they would have cared either way. It was only human nature, just like how human nature stole everything that was meaningful to her in life.

And then one day, a woman approached the teenage girl. A figure draped in dark with a hood fastened wholly to hide her identity.

Perhaps it had been luck, or perhaps she was being given a chance by some higher entity to prove herself.

A woman named Tiffany, who told her there was nothing to worry about devoted to her some clothing as well as a proper bath. Sunny was given a place to stay for as long as the woman still had business in the city.

When she was asked about it, Tiffany explained that she was a soldier of fortune who took contracts. These contracts were the dangerous types, where people would pay her great sums to defeat monsters or assassinate bandits. It was a killer’s job, but despite of it, Sunny wished to see what the world was like. She begged Tiffany to bring her along and to take her under apprenticeship.

She reminisced on her parents, reminding herself that they probably would have agreed with her decision. They would have wanted her to strive for her goals and dreams.

And so Sunny set out with Tiffany as an inexperienced rookie. One who was only allowed a dagger to fend for herself against the mythical hordes of slimes and the undead.

As time passed and days became seasons, Sunny wondered if her journey had been worthwhile. Having always been a part of a smaller world back home, the scope and scale of the land was beyond that of which her imagination could even hope to comprehend.

They would travel from civilization to civilization, trudging through icy rivers and bearing the jungle insects as they went on their endless quest. Monsters were rare to fine, or rather, they had not encountered any at all. Though she was thankful that she was able to set out and explore the world, she still wished that she could do something more to prove herself special.

You were destined for greatness, her parents had said. Those were their final dying words as she held both their hands, sobbing over the cruelty that the world had cast upon her. She couldn’t let those words simply wither in vain. Those words of theirs were special and meaningful, not like the crops and trees in a daring winter.

One night, Sunny and Tiffany set up their usual tents and willed themselves to sleep in the forsaken cold of the night.

Hours passed, but the constant discomfort of sleeping in dirt at night had made Sunny a light sleeper. Something felt amiss in the air, and the anxious sensation woke Sunny up. It was the sound of something hissing, and was nearly silent against the backdrop of the howling wind outside. She held back all immediate thoughts and instinctively reached for her dagger, the measly weapon she had kept for the many weeks that had passed.

She opened her tent and glimpsed at something long and slender slither into the tent opposite of hers. She gasped as she saw the form disappear into the resting place that was Tiffany’s. Sunny quickly rushed ahead, her weapon firm in her grip.

When she opened the tent, under the dim moonlight of the night, she saw the dark silhouette of what she knew was a snake. With fangs primed, it stood upright and prepared to strike.

There was no time to shout and no time to deliberate. Sunny threw herself forward as the snake lashed at the lying body with a loud hiss. Her dagger fell, hitting true and slicing its body squarely in half. The dead corpse fell on Tiffany, causing her to jump and grab for her sheathe.

But it was only Sunny there, crying, distraught that she had ended a creature’s life. It was not as easy as she had hoped. She wondered if perhaps her parents had been wrong about her.

Tiffany observed the corpse and then the dagger in Sunny’s hand . She came to a clear conclusion to what had happened. She took Sunny in her arms and hugged her strongly.

The soldier, Tiffany, explained to the girl, Sunny, that ending a life for the first time was always the hardest. But from experience, once you kill one, others would come more easily. She explained that it was a gift and a curse to know death and murder. She commended Sunny for her brave action and told her that what she had done was for a noble cause and it should always be that way.

“You’re quick. You handled the weapon well for your first time.”

Tiffany shushed the sobbing girl and wiped the tears away. She held her head close to Sunny’s ear and whispered a few words of comfort. And those words did indeed bring her a great deal of comfort.

“You are destined for greatness.”