Damocles Overthrown: Chapter 7

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7. A great sword hung from the ceiling by its hilt, gleaming tip mere meters from the top of his head.

Seohyun paced back and forth in the hallway, arms crossed in front of her and eyes glued to the ground.

“Keep doing that, maknae, and you’ll wear a trench in the floor,” Hyoyeon warned, seated with her back against the far wall.

The younger woman’s frown deepened. “That would take at least a few years, unnie. They can’t be in there that long, can they?”

“It was just a joke,” Tiffany pointed out gently. She got up from her spot next to Hyoyeon and walked over. “Why don’t you sit down? Or go with Yoona to the kitchen and grab something to eat? None of us have really had lunch yet.”

Seohyun paused. “I guess…yes, we should eat. Nutrition is important.”

“So is food in general. Come on then.” Yoona stepped up to Seohyun’s other side threw an arm around her shoulder, guiding her in the direction of the stairs. “We can get Taeyeon-unnie something extra sugary for when she comes out of that room as well.”

“In that case, grab something extra for Sooyoung too,” Sunny called after them. “If anyone deserves sugar right now, it’s her.”

“So.” Tiffany sat down besides Hyoyeon once more. “We just wait now?”

“I guess so,” Sunny agreed from the other side. She exhaled and let the back of her head thud against the wall. “We should really be looking at the evidence again, but I can’t really bring myself to concentrate at the moment.”

“Isn’t that what Jessica is doing?” Hyoyeon glanced around. “She’s not here, so I assumed she was back at the office reading stuff over again or something.”

Tiffany snorted softly, lip quirking up. “That may have been her intention initially, but I’d bet anything that she’s fallen asleep by now.”

Hyoyeon opened her mouth, and then paused. “You know what, I’m not going to take you up on that bet.”

“I’ll grab Sica then.” Yuri pushed herself off from where she’d been leaning by the door to the makeshift hospital room. Or the “medical emergency room”, as Sunny had referred to it. “I just…I think it’s better if we stay together, even if this place is pretty much as safe as we can get.”

“Wow, Yuri. Almost didn’t see you in the shadows there,” Hyoyeon snickered, and then flinched when Tiffany slapped her arm lightly. “Hey, I was joking. She knows I was joking, right?”

“Of course.” Yuri flipped her hair over one shoulder. “I know you all are just jealous of my beautifully tanned skin, anyway.”

Tiffany watched Yuri’s receding back as the latter sauntered off — with a manner as exaggerated as possible — in the direction of the office. She turned back to Hyoyeon. “Thanks for trying to lift the mood,” she said quietly.

Hyoyeon shrugged, grinning. “Hey, someone’s gotta do it, right? If every single one of us only moped around all the time, we might as well rule Seo Jisoo guilty now and call it a day.”

The door suddenly swung open, revealing a tall figure in hospital scrubs. The remaining three immediately jumped to their feet.

Sooyoung pulled down the mask covering her mouth. “Alright guys, she’s more or less okay.”

Sunny breathed out a sigh of relief before taking a step, which allowed Tiffany to be the first one through the door, quickly followed by Hyoyeon.

Taeyeon lay on top of the white bedsheets, foot wrapped in a purple cast. She waved. “Hey guys! Miss me?”

Tiffany muttered something that sounded suspiciously close to “Don’t hit her. She’s injured” as she sat down on one side of the bed. Hyoyeon slid into the chair on the opposite side. “So, Taeng. Can I sign your cast?”

“Thanks, Soo,” Sunny said softly. She’d remained by the doorway, Sooyoung still holding the door open for when the others returned.

“You act like Taeyeon’s not my friend too,” Sooyoung teased.

Sunny shrugged. “Well, if you think about it, we’ve only known each other for a few days. We don’t really owe each other anything.”

“I guess.” Sooyoung nodded slowly. “I mean, besides the fact that we almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning together, and now have stayed more than twenty-four hours in your…house mansion thing, and have pretty much risked each of our lives at least once in order to get this case ruled, we really haven’t been through anything together at all.” She paused to glance slyly at the shorter woman next to her.

Sunny rolled her eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Fine. Point taken.”

“Unnies! We’re back!” Yoona called from behind the food-laden cart she was pushing. “Sunny-unnie, I had no idea you had elevators in this place. Why have we been taking the stairs this entire time?”

“Exercise is good for you,” Seohyun answered. Her eyes widened when she noticed Sooyoung. “Sooyoung-unnie! Is — is Taeyeon-unnie –”

“Not any more immobile than usual,” Hyoyeon’s voice answered before Sooyoung could. “Come on in, maknae. We’re starving.”

“You have ice cream, right?” Taeyeon grinned as Yoona wheeled the food inside. “I’ve heard that patients always get ice cream.”

“You know this isn’t actually a hospital, right, unnie?” Yoona chuckled. She held up a bowl. “But here — I hope vanilla is okay?”

Taeyeon held out both of her hands. “Gimme.”

Sooyoung scoffed. “Who’s the ‘Satan’s Child’ now?”

“Still you,” Taeyeon answered through a mouth full of ice cream.

Tiffany got up to give Seohyun her seat besides the bed, glancing around at the beeping monitors and trays of medical tools much too shiny for her to be comfortable with. The room even smelled clean in a medical way, the scent of antiseptic threatening to sting her nostrils if she inhaled too deeply. “As much as we say this isn’t a hospital, it sure looks like one.”

“Might as well call it that, then. Because of course Sunny has an entire hospital in her mansion.” Sooyoung laughed. “I am totally not surprised.”

Sunny rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous — it’s just a well equipped medical room.” At that, even Seohyun looked up from Taeyeon’s bedside to stare at her. “What? My uncle always wants to be prepared in case of an emergency. Hence: ‘medical emergency room’.”

Tiffany shook her head. “One day, we should stop making fun of how ridiculously big this place is.”

Sooyoung shrugged. “I’ll stop making fun when this place stops being ridiculously big.”

“As long as the ice cream keeps coming, I really couldn’t care any more either way,” Taeyeon commented, licking her spoon clean. “No red bean, though?”

“Ew.” Sunny wrinkled her nose. “You mean there are people on this planet that actually like that stuff?”

Taeyeon huffed, hugging her bowl of ice cream close to her. “I guess not. So, Doctor Choi,” she turned to Sooyoung. “Am I going to live?”

Hyoyeon reached over to flick Taeyeon’s forehead. “This kid, I swear. Seems like having a near-death experience actually made you more morbid than usual.”

Taeyeon sighed. “Okay, but seriously. I just broke my leg in a few places, right? It’s not that big of a deal.”

“That’s the understatement of the year.” Sooyoung glanced over at the x-rays lit up against the wall. “To be honest, with that entire shelf falling down on you, you should be glad those are clean breaks. Anything more serious and I actually wouldn’t have had the training to treat you properly. So just keep that cast on for a couple months and avoid other unbalanced pieces of furniture, and you should be fine.”

“They’re really upping their game, aren’t they,” Yoona commented. “This kind of reminds me of the ‘accident’,” she held up her fingers and curled them to serve as air-quotes, “I had on set.”

“Ah.” Taeyeon struggled to sit up a little straighter. “Hey, uh, Seohyun, give me some paper and a pen, please?” Once the other had handed over the materials, Taeyeon began to sketch. “Hey Yoong, you wouldn’t happen to remember this guy anywhere on your set, would you?”

Yoona leaned over to look. “No, unnie, I don’t. But I guess it doesn’t mean he was there at all — I might just not have noticed him.”

Seohyun’s eyes widened. “That’s the manager of judicial reviews and –”

“The judge’s assistant, yes,” Taeyeon interrupted. “And he’s pretty fishy, if you ask me.”

Sunny blinked. “And what makes you say that?”

“His handwriting.” Taeyeon glanced around her bedside. “I guess I didn’t bring it with me, but I took his notepad while we were looking for the files. And I’m absolutely sure his handwriting is the same as whoever wrote that note and left it in that girl group’s dorm for Fany to find.”

The room grew quiet.

“That’s certainly concerning,” Sooyoung finally spoke up. “So does that mean more of our evidence might be compromised?”

“I’ve looked through everything already,” Seohyun said. “It seems that just these files were replaced.” She held up the folder.

“We should really be paid overtime for this, huh?” Hyoyeon commented.

Sunny frowned. “I don’t know if we can even joke about this anymore. Think about all the threats they’ve made and actually hinted at going through with so far. Hyoyeon had that knife incident, now we’ve got both Yoona and Taeyeon suffering actual injuries. Yuri was almost drowned. They got to Sooyoung almost, at the hospital, and managed to get into the Red Velvet dorm. I was nearly in a car crash.” She shook her head. “I don’t think even my place will be safe for us much longer.”

Tiffany groaned, throwing her head back. “Is there really no one else we can ask for help? Preferably anyone with an extraordinary amount of firepower?”

“What Sooyoung-unnie said yesterday is right.” Seohyun straightened in her chair. “The only way to ensure the safety of everyone being threatened now is to get something on whoever’s threatening in the first place. We have to even the playing field, and until then, there’s no one else we can trust. Even Judge Lee might be in on this, for all we know.”

“Hey, is Taeyeon awake?” Yuri peeked through the doorway. “Sorry it took so long.” She jerked a thumb behind her. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get her up.”

“I can.” Seohyun glanced down at her watch. “That’s actually pretty impressive, unnie. Usually people trying for the first time need at least twenty minutes to get Sica-unnie out of bed, but you did it in sixteen.”

“Maybe I’m still in bed in my mind,” Jessica grumbled as she shuffled inside. She found the chair sitting by the door and immediately slumped into it.

Yuri returned her attention to Taeyeon. “So how are you feeling?”

“Much better.” Taeyeon licked her lips as she placed her now empty bowl on the bedside table. “Anyone who says ice cream isn’t good for you clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

Seohyun picked up the bowl and stood up. “I’ll go and return this to the kitchen, and then afterwards we should probably all go look at the files Taeyeon-unnie sacrificed her leg for.”

Taeyeon leaned over to rub her thigh right above the cast. “Well that’s a mildly alarming way to put it. But still true, I suppose.” She waved her other hand at Hyoyeon. “Hey, wanna piggyback me back to the office?”

“In your dreams.” Hyoyeon grabbed the pair of crutches leaning against the wall and held them out. “You need to get some exercise anyway. You’ve got more than twenty years of sitting around to make up for, you know.”

Taeyeon snorted as she managed to shift sideways so that her legs dangled off the bed. “Please. I did my share of activity when I was younger, okay? Until I was ten years old, at least.”

Despite her jibes, Hyoyeon let Taeyeon lean on her shoulder while the latter fit the crutches under her arms and got used to the idea of limping across the room and into the hallway. The others slowly filed out after, Yoona reminding them to grab the food from the cart and start on it before it got cold. “Anything you don’t take will go to Sooyoung-unnie, and then you know you’re not going to see any of it again.”

“Hey.” Tiffany wrapped an arm around Sunny’s waist once they were the only ones left in the room, barring Sooyoung, who was busy tidying up leftover instruments from the treatment. “Everything’s going to be okay, yeah?”

Sunny laughed, but her expression held no trace of humor. “Are you asking me or telling me, Fany?”

Tiffany shrugged and pulled her friend a little closer. “Maybe a bit of both.”