Blank Pages

The second late post. Also for the 1727 TaeNy Celebration. Sorry it's nothing new, I just keep forgetting to post this. ---------------------------------------------------- A book. She walks out of the complex, smiling a bit at how bright and warm the outside feels; no air-conditioned … Continue reading

Because She

Sometimes she wished she'd had an older sister. She didn't have to be an older sister that was nice all the time, or a sister that always made time for her, or a sister that would leave all the good food and snacks for her. She just had to be older. She just had to be older, so that sense … Continue reading

when you say to a thief three words

From when a child is little, they may learn that "stealing is bad." It's bad, bad, bad, because someone might've wanted what was stolen. What if the stolen was a memory, something that lay close to the heart, something that was supposed to be unforgettable? Well, it'd be gone. But Yoona stole … Continue reading

I’m sorry.

Very late post from the 1727 TaeNy Celebration. I'm so good at this game, right?? --------------------------------------------------- Sorry. I'm sorry. I apologize. Please accept my apology. I'm so sorry. Can I apologize? There are a lot of ways to apologize, she muses, and each way can … Continue reading