Calm Glass Tattoo Parlor

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Me and Stephan apparently have a thing about tattoos on Taeyeon. This is the result of a late night conversation we had.

Be it known that I did not proofread or plan this fic at all. I’m not proud of that. What it means is, essentially, I made the story up as I went. I’ll probably come back to this at a later date and edit it so that it actually makes sense together. But for now, I just needed to get the idea out of my head. All mistakes are mine.


A bell tinkled overhead as Tiffany entered the shop behind Sooyoung. Tiffany stopped just inside the door, looking around curiously. She’d never been in a tattoo parlor. What was the etiquette? Did she have to wait to be seated? The entrance was covered in typical black carpeting, but the rest of the parlor’s flooring was a beautiful stained wood. There was a shoe rack to her right, built into the front of the small receptionist’s desk. Was she supposed to take off her shoes? She was thankfully saved from her awkwardness by Sooyoung waving her over; she’d already settled into a chair, her shirtsleeve rolled up on one side to reveal the half done tattoo sleeve. Tiffany hesitated a second more before heading over.

She had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while, but she was hesitant about the whole idea. She was hoping seeing the process might help calm her nerves. Sooyoung, impervious to Tiffany’s anxiousness, began babbling about her day, her boss, her job, whatever. Tiffany thought that the girl might not even notice if she wasn’t there; she could probably keep up a conversation with a brick wall for days.

Tiffany hovered beside Sooyoung. Was she supposed to sit in the rolling chair? That was probably for the tattooist wasn’t it? Tiffany looked around uncertainly until-

“Hey Sooyoung. How’ve you been?” A woman, Tiffany guess she was the tattoo artist, came out of one of the backrooms. She looked to be about their age, dressed casually in a tshirt and jeans. Her hair was short, dark with blonde tips, tied up into a messy ponytail. Tiffany couldn’t see a single tattoo on her. That was odd though, right? If she hadn’t been wearing gloves and holding machine with a very very sharp tip, Tiffany would have guessed she were just another customer. Tiffany looked back up to the other girl’s face and realized, with a start, that the girl was staring back at her expectantly. “I said, you can grab a seat on that stool. You might be here a bit.” Tiffany flushed, embarrassed to have been caught staring, and turned to get the stool that the woman had been pointing to. She pulled it up on the other side of Sooyoung, out of the way of the tattooist.

The woman began working on Sooyoung’s arm and making smalltalk with Sooyoung, which mostly consisted of a few nods and prompting remarks or questions from the tattoo artist and an almost nonstop monologue from Sooyoung. Tiffany took the opportunity to let her eyes wander around the shop, taking in the decor.

It was very clean. Tiffany wondered if that was a thing all tattoo parlors had in common. Somehow she’d always pictured places like this to be seedy and unkempt. The place’s ceiling was installed with fluorescent lights, and the woman’s tattoo machine had a little light attached to the top of it too, but at the moment the shop was naturally lit by big glass windows at the shopfront and skylights. The walls were brick, hung with framed pictures of tattoos previously done and some hand drawn sketches of possible tattoo designs. Not at all a seedy or unkempt.

Tiffany’s eyes returned to the tattooist working on Sooyoung’s sleeve. What she lacked in tattoos she apparently made up in piercings; the woman had several lobe piercings, and an ornate silver dragon hooked around the shell of her left ear and curled down, as if whispering a secret that only she was allowed to hear. The woman was crouched over, eyes totally concentrated on the machine’s movement on her friend’s arm. She was filling in the color on a tapdancing hamburger. Sooyoung’s tattoo sleeve was dominated by cartoon foods: dancing burgers, smiling kimbaps, flying meatballs.

Typical of Sooyoung.

The woman straightened. She surveyed her work as she rubbed her chin with the back of a gloved hand. Tiffany wondered how many farting beans she’d tattooed in her time. She snorted at the thought, probably less gracefully than she would have liked. It drew the woman’s attention. The tattooist grinned, her eyes twinkling in a way that made Tiffany want to look away but unable to. “Something funny?”

Tiffany tried to ignore the creeping red she could feel crawling its way up her neck and her cheeks. “You tattooed a fart joke on my friend’s arm.”

The girl stared at her for a split second, then burst into peals of laughter that made her throw her head back and shook her entire frame. It was infectious, and soon all three were laughing loudly. When they had calmed down a little, the woman grinned at Tiffany again. “Well, I guess that’s my job. And everyone’s partial to a fart joke now and again. And uhm…guess I should’ve introduced myself earlier. I’m Taeyeon.”

“Tiffany.” Tiffany smiled back. They sat like that for who knows how long, just smiling and staring at each other, until Sooyoung coughed purposefully, jarring them out of the moment. “Hate to break up whatever this is, but this tofu,” she gestured to one of the outlines on her arm, “isn’t going to fill itself in, y’know.”

They both looked away at the same time, embarrassed. Tiffany biting her lip to hold back a wide smile threatening to take over her face.

Taeyeon cleared her throat, a sort of half laugh escaping at the end of it. “Right. Excuse me a second, I’m just going to go get a different ink for the…the laughing tofu.” She caught Tiffany’s eye again, and Tiffany almost bit through her lip to keep her face from splitting into a huge smile.

The girl got up and went over to one of the big cabinets, opening it and reaching up to the uppermost shelf. Taeyeon’s shirt rode up on the small of her back as she stretched herself to her full height. Tiffany’s eyes couldn’t help tracing the small frame and lingering over the sliver of skin that was exposed where Taeyeon’s shirt lifted up. She felt her eyes widen. She knew the girl HAD to have tattoos somewhere.

Part of…something…with scales? And part of a fin. A colourful background of waves, water, maybe clouds? It was clearly a big piece. Was visible on Taeyeon’s back. Months later, Tiffany would deny that her stare could be called ‘aroused’. But it definitely was. Taeyeon saw it.

Taeyeon returned, holding a few small bottles of tattoo ink and a few fresh caps. This time her grin had a lot more confidence. And months later, Taeyeon would deny that it could be called ‘shit eating’. But it definitely was. Tiffany saw it.

The rest of the session passed without further incidents, but Tiffany’s interest in Taeyeon was definitely piqued. She wanted to know what Taeyeon’s tattoo was of, but more importantly she wanted to know more about Taeyeon.

The bell tinkled overhead as Tiffany entered the shop. It had been a week since Sooyoung’s last appointment. She approached the little reception desk, staffed by a bored looking girl with cropped blonde hair.

Tiffany shuffled nervously on the spot. “I’m here to get a tattoo.”

The bored receptionist nodded, looking down at a gridded pad of paper filled with names and dates. “Do you have an appointment?” Tiffany nodded. She was nervous, sure, but she if Tiffany was anything, she was a planner. “Yep. For 8 o’clock. My name’s-”

“Tiffany!” Taeyeon’s head poked out of the backroom. “I was hoping my 8 o’clock Tiffany was you. Grab that seat.” She pointed at a chair in the far corner before disappearing into the backroom again. Tiffany gathered her courage and went to the chair. She wasn’t sure if it was the nerves of getting a tattoo or of having Taeyeon tattoo her that was making her so nervous.

Taeyeon came over after a few minutes and plopped down into the swivel chair beside her. “It’s good to see you again.”

Tiffany forced a smile, hands reflexively gripping and relaxing on the leather armrests. “It’s nice to see you too. I’m…uhh…I’m here to get a tattoo.”

The other girl smiled. “First time?” She put a reassuring hand on Tiffany’s arm, and the touch sent an almost electric tingle from Taeyeon’s fingers to the rest of Tiffany’s body. Tiffany felt her breath hitch. “I’ll take good care of you, you don’t have to be worried.” Tiffany nodded silently. “So…did you have anything in mind?”

Tiffany pulled out a little piece of paper with a sketched design. Taeyeon took it and nodded thoughtfully, examining it. “This is really pretty. Did you draw it yourself?” Tiffany nodded, smiling at the praise. “And where did you want it?” Tiffany gestured to the top of her shoulder, just below her clavicle.

Taeyeon nodded and put the paper down on a side table. “Okay, I can do that.” Tiffany watched quietly as Taeyeon went to the big cabinet and took down a few supplies. Once again, her eyes lingered on the exposed skin of Taeyeon’s back, where she could just see the fin of some fish? Shark? Dragon? peeking out. Taeyeon turned back and Tiffany averted her eyes quickly.

The tattooist went to work making a stencil of Tiffany’s design. Tiffany watched, intrigued. As she watched, her eyes slowly drifted back to the other woman. Her eyebrows were knit together in concentration as she copied Tiffany’s design.

She motioned for Tiffany to pull the collar of her shirt aside so she could apply the stencil. “You might want to take off your shirt. I don’t want the collar snapping up and hitting the pen.” Tiffany nodded and got up. She definitely did not want a wardrobe malfunction to drive the sharp, sharp needle anywhere into her neck. She pulled her shirt over her head and folded it over the top of a stool beside her chair. She could feel Taeyeon’s eyes lingering over her body appreciatively as she sat back into the tattoo chair. And she didn’t miss the way Taeyeon almost licked her lips, biting on her tongue at the last minute to stop it.

Taeyeon cleared her throat, “Okay, then.” She deftly applied the stencil to Tiffany’s bare shoulder. Her gloved hands were cool but firm against Tiffany’s skin. Tiffany giggled awkwardly, trying not think about anything besides her tattoo.

“I’m going to start now, okay?” Taeyeon had picked up the tattoo gun and was dipping it into a cap of black ink.

Tiffany took a deep breath. “It’s totally safe, okay? I’ve got you. And this is much easier than a farting bean,” they both laughed, easing the tension, “you’ll be fine. Okay?”

She nodded. “Okay. You can start now.”

Taeyeon put her hand flat down against the area just below the stencil as she placed the gun against it. It had the double effect of steadying Tiffany’s shoulder as the tattoo gun started its methodical against Tiffany’s skin (it hurt, but not as much as she thought it would have) and causing Tiffany to be intensely aware of the firmness of Taeyeon’s hand just above her heart. She felt like her Taeyeon could definitely feel the pounding of her heart. Whether it was due to the tattoo machine’s stinging fire or because Taeyeon’s hand kept brushing the top of her bra as she shifted, Tiffany didn’t know.

Well. She knew. But she didn’t want to think about it.

It just made her heart pound harder against Taeyeon’s hand.

“Your heart’s beating really fast, Tiffany. Do you want to take a break?” Tiffany hadn’t noticed that the gun had come away from her skin. She just noticed that Taeyeon’s other hand hadn’t left; it was still pressed flat against her, the heel of her palm barely pushing against the top of her bra. Tiffany shook her head quickly, “I think I’m okay.” Taeyeon nodded, “Okay. But tell me if you want to take a break, alright? Your first tattoo can be scary. It’s alright to need a break.”

Tiffany tried to distract herself as Taeyeon brought the gun back to her skin. “So uhm…tell me about yourself?”

Taeyeon smiled, eyes focused on the gun’s movement. “There’s not much to tell, really. What do you want to know?”

Tiffany willed her heart not to thump out of her chest as Taeyeon’s fingers pressed against her clavicle. “Uhh…are you seeing anyone?” Well. That was one way to start a conversation.

Taeyeon chuckled softly. “No. I’m not seeing anyone.”

Well, since I already opened my big mouth, Tiffany thought, I mightaswell keep going. “Why…not?”

Taeyeon stopped for a second and looked at Tiffany. Their eyes locked and Tiffany knew for sure that Taeyeon could feel her heart speeding up. “I guess I was just waiting for someone right to come along.” Tiffany was pretty sure even the receptionist could hear her heart thumping by now. “What about you?”

“What about you.”
“What about me?”
Taeyeon laughed, eyes and machine returning to the tattoo. “Yeah, what about you. Are you seeing anyone?”
Tiffany shook her head. “Nope. No one.”
Taeyeon made a humming noise. “That’s interesting.”
Tiffany took the bait. “Why’s that interesting?”
The tattooist shrugged her shoulders. “Pretty girl like you. Funny, cute. I wonder why you’re single, is all. There must be something really wrong with you.” She looked up with a playful twinkle in her eye.

Tiffany laughed. “Maybe I’m just waiting for someone right to come along too.”
The other girl smiled playfully. “Mr. Right?” The implication was clear. Guess I’m not the only one being obvious, Tiffany thought.
“More like Ms. Right.”

The tattoo artist’s smile deepened as it returned to Tiffany’s shoulder. “Is that so?”

Tiffany pressed on. “And you?”
“And me?”

Taeyeon smirked and patted her on the shoulder. “I think I’m all finished here. Here,” she handed Tiffany a mirror, “take a look and let me know if there’s anything you want touched up before I put your wrap on.” Taeyeon grabbed the ink bottles from the side table and went to replace them in the metal cabinet. Tiffany found herself looking at Taeyeon’s tattoo more than her own. In the end, her curiosity got the best of her as Taeyeon returned to her chair.

“What’s your tattoo of?”

Taeyeon arched an eyebrow.

There was no way to explain how she’d seen Taeyeon’s tattoo without admitting that she’d spent a lot of time staring at Taeyeon’s body. Guess it’s now or never, thought Tiffany. “Can I see it?”

Taeyeon mischievous smile matched Tiffany’s flirtatious one. “Come with me. We can go in the back.” She motioned for Tiffany to follow her into the backroom.

It was a small area, with a little metal sink and some shelves with supplies. Tiffany closed the door behind them and leaned against it, feeling the cold of the metal against her back. She was suddenly aware that she hadn’t put her shirt back on.

Taeyeon laughed. “You’re very forward.”
“I know what I want.”
Taeyeon’s laughing died down as she took a step towards Tiffany, until they were almost face to face. “And what is it, Tiffany, that you want?”
Tiffany surged forward from the door and pressed her lips against Taeyeon’s. Taeyeon met her halfway and pushed her back against the door by her hips, pressing her body fully against Tiffany’s. Tiffany gasped at the force, opening her mouth enough for Taeyeon to slip her tongue against hers. Tiffany groaned. Or maybe it was Taeyeon. It didn’t matter. A second ago she was all too aware that she was missing an article of clothing, and now all she could think was that they were both wearing way too much.

She felt Taeyeon’s hands tracing up her sides and to her back to unclasp her bra. She reached forward to pull off Taeyeon’s shirt. Her fingers collided with the front of Taeyeon’s jeans first, so she unbuttoned those instead.


She pulled reluctantly away from the kiss and dropped into a crouch to pull Taeyeon’s jeans down her legs.


The front of Taeyeon’s legs were tattooed with beautiful, vibrant koi fish. They twisted around the curve of Taeyeon’s thighs and arched upward towards her hips, swimming against a deep blue background of surf tide, edged with the white spray of the crashing waves. Tiffany continued to pull Taeyeon’s jeans down, revealing more of the design. It stopped in the middle of her right thigh but continued all the way down to the ankle of Taeyeon’s left leg. Like fish swimming up a river. Tiffany’s fingers traced the outline of the bottommost koi, its tail swirling around Taeyeon’s left ankle. She looked up to see Taeyeon’s dark eyes watching her, her arms both pressed against the door.

“They’re beautiful.”

Taeyeon grinned. “Thanks. But I’d really rather get this show and tell out of the way so I can fuck you.” She kicked her jeans off and pulled her shirt up over her head in one fluid motion.

“You already said that.”

Tiffany stood back up, admiring Taeyeon’s tattoos. Well, her tattoo. It looked continuous. Tiffany circled around so she could see where the school of koi curled around Taeyeon’s hips and continued up her back. The background faded into a pale blue as the crashing waves turned into floating clouds. The koi jumped, gracefully suspended in the air on Taeyeon’s back as they seemed to fly among the clouds. Tiffany traced her hand up the small of Taeyeon’s back and felt the tattooist shiver under the light touch.

Tiffany stepped forward until she could press her left hand under Taeyeon’s against the door, and gripped Taeyeon’s hip with her right. She kissed the koi arching over Taeyeon’s right shoulder, “Thanks for sharing. But you’re wrong about one thing. Because I’m the one fucking you.” She slid her right hand around and under Taeyeon’s boyshorts, finding her already indescribably wet. She grinned against her shoulder, as Taeyeon gasped. “Oh hi. Were you waiting for me?”

Taeyeon bucked up against her hand, looking for more friction. She let out a breathy laugh. “You’re a much bigger smart ass when I’m not holding a needle to your shoulder.”

Tiffany laughed throatily, slipping a finger easily into Taeyeon and starting a relentless rhythm. She pressed open mouthed kisses between Taeyeon’s shoulder blades, leaving shameless marks against the tattooed skin. She worked Taeyeon up quickly. Now wasn’t the time for teasing. Tiffany hoped there’d by a next time for that.

Soon Taeyeon was gripping her left hand pressed up against the door and rutting her hips relentlessly against Tiffany. “Come on come on come on-” Tiffany spun Taeyeon around and pressed her back to the metal door. She quickly reentered her, this time pushing forcefully with her hips. She fit her mouth over Taeyeon’s to swallow the moans as she fell apart. To swallow Taeyeon’s moaning her name as she fell apart.


Tiffany kept a grip on Taeyeon’s hips, body pressed against hers, to support her weight as she recovered. Eventually Taeyeon pulled her head back and planted a firm kiss on Tiffany’s lips. “I really should put that wrap on your ink now, or it’s gonna get infected.” Tiffany laughed. “Really? Not even a thank you?”

Taeyeon smiled and kissed her again. “I’ll thank you later. When I see you again.”

Tiffany giggled. “And who says I want to see you again?” She leaned in to steal another kiss from Taeyeon, their lips lingering against each other.

“Do you?”
“I do.”
“Okay then.”


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Also, before you ask. I don’t know if there will be a sequel. Likely not, or at least not for quite a long time. I’m working on an ongoing right now, so most of my fic writing time is devoted to that.
Cool beans.