ByunTaeyeon (TaeNy shot)

January 1, 2014 in One-shot! by itsakyo

BSBTS chats often lead us to weird places and I was kinda high last night so I said I’ll write this. So.

Thanks Ricey for this inspiring gif link:


(pardon the lack of creativity in the title)

This was officially the best New Year’s present she could be given. Not that it was given to her. Oh no it wasn’t. She had to fight for it. No, not literally. But it wasn’t easy, to say the least. It wasn’t easy to ask for it without arousing suspicion. It wasn’t the suspicion that was arousing but the arousing that was suspicious. What? Never mind. Moving on.

Anyway, she had to rack her brains for it. To ask the PD. PA. P-anybody who had access to the top quality, higher-than-high-definition so high that Jessica would scream for help for fear of falling to her death, video of one of her members. She felt guilty for feeling this way at times. But it would never last for long. It wasn’t like she could help herself so it wasn’t her fault.

Blame it on her genes or some weird raging hormone. It wasn’t her fault she was obssessed with a certain member’s magnificent rear view. It wasn’t just the rear, the side view was good too. But the front view didn’t interest her as much. Yeah. She couldn’t see it from the front and imagination was never good enough.

So. Back to this thing she now possessed after coming up with what was perhaps the most brilliant reason she’d ever come up with. She couldn’t believe just how smart she’d become over the years. Perhaps six years of staring at it had somehow increased her intelligence instead of lowered it. Oh yeah. Definitely. Increased. Maybe not her intelligence but other things. Other things like her temperature, her heartbeat, her breathing, her blood circulation…and not forgetting…her happiness.

Oh boy, there was nothing to make her happy like this. So much happy. So much love. So much awesome. So much of everything packed into two hot buns. Miracle. Miracles, since there were two. Two buns. Two miraculous hot buns. And the precious footage of them buns was currently in her hands. Well, not really in her hands. It was saved in a thumbdrive, sitting, waiting to be played on a state-of-the-art screen complete with a mega many-many-point-one sound system.

Of course, no screen or sound system could beat the real thing. But she’d already been labelled a pervert by the entire nation and with the flourishing of her group’s popularity, that label had spread to countries all over the world and her company had deemed it necessary to give her the ‘talk’. The do-this-or-we-punish-you talk. The talk that every artiste in her company dreaded.

Yes. The coffee that they made you drink while they talked really, really, really sucked. It was the cheapest coffee anybody could find in Seoul and it sucked. Which was a bane, considering how advanced the cafes in Seoul were and how wonderful coffee was supposed to be in general. Her company ought to be arrested for making them drink such horrendous coffee. But she was digressing. Right. Back to the reason why she had to resort to this. Yes.

So to avoid drinking anymore of the disgusting coffee and to put a stop to the pervert reputation she was now renowned for, she had to refrain from staring at that particular body part of that particular member. And others too. How could they do this to her, she had protested and begged and pleaded and was on the verge of belting her saddest, most heart-wrenching ballad, ‘If’ when they’d simply told her that it was that or she would be removed from the dorm and be deprived of the view even when she was off-stage.

Well, in life, you won some and lost some. This was one battle she lost but she was a survivor. She was a fighter. So she found a way. The body part of her obsession was currently out of town on a photo shoot and unavailable for personal viewing. So she found a freaking way. And she did it her way. Oh yeah. Time to head back to the dorm. Thank goodness no one would be around when she got back.

Most of her group members had moved out of the dorm to live with their families or to get some privacy but she had thanked her lucky stars when the body part of her obsession decided to stay put. She of course used the distance of her home town from Seoul as an excuse to stay as well. Another member had also chosen to stay and she would have been a little less thrilled if it weren’t for that member’s amorous assets up north. Yes, those other buns were her second obsession but of course, her loyalties would always lie in her first love, first touch, first experience of those two hot buns.

She scurried back, dropping her bag on the floor carelessly and whipped out the thumbdrive that contained her happiness. She inserted it into the appropriate hole and the entertainment system did the rest. A folder popped up on the screen, prompting her to make a decision. Open, play or close. Play of course.

The long couch welcomed her with a soft squeak and she sank into the luxurious seat of soft leather and cushion as the screen filled up with her happiness.

“Fany…” she muttered unwittingly, as the footage of her group member’s red hot chilli pepper lips danced on the wide screen before her. She twitched, jerked, and broke into a silly grin when the camera caught a seductive wink and followed the wave of luscious black hair that cascaded over Fany’s shoulders. It panned out and she could breathe again. But it zoomed right back in and she lost it, eyes opening wide as the camera followed Fany’s hands down the length of her body. She could already feel a warm trickle of something flowing down her nostril but nothing could tear her eyes away from the screen right now.

By a sheer stroke of genius, the camera zoomed in, without warning, on the very object of her obsession and the trickle turned into a gush.

“Fany…” she whimpered, fingers trying to stop the steady flow of her life-giving essence, eyes fixated on the glorious rump dressed in blood red satin cloth. The curve was incredible, miraculous and impossible as it flared out into a perfect semi-circle, promising heaven and hell, the most dangerous concoction known to man.

The suppleness of it she remembered, the memory ingrained in her hand, fingers, palm and all, from the many times she’d touched them, the two hot buns. When, oh when would they come home to her? She couldn’t wait any longer. Her fingers were twitching, craving for a touch that would cure them of their pangs of hunger.

“Fany…” she sighed, as the camera moved away and froze for the finishing shot.

The screen blanked and she sighed. Now, she’d have to survive, somehow. Until the next video. Until Fany came home. Until her two hot buns came back to her twitching fingers. She would wait. This video was enough for now. A weak dosage for her needs but she’d learnt to deal with it over the years. She’d live. Maybe visit her virtual buns in The Sims for a bit and make out with her in there until the real deal came home.

Yeah. Her fingers twitched in agreement.

by itsakyo