As a writer: I like writing stories that center around overarching feelings. Could be happy, could be sad, could be joy, could be despair. I also have a thing for parallel structure. :P

As a human being: I like video game art, good music, the sound of rain, and girls with red hair.


Kiss the Shotglass

Leviathan Universe

The Thinker (7/28/2013)
The Vandals (7/13/2013)
Summum Malum (7/6/2013)
State of Nature (7/4/2013)
Leviathan (6/1/2013)

Miscellaneous Oneshots/Multishots

HH:11 (1/1/2015)
HH:10 (12/31/2014)
HH:9 (8/19/2014)
HH:8 (3/19/2014)
HH:7 (1/13/2014)
HH:6 (1/6/2014)
HH:5 (12/8/2013)
HH:4 (9/23/2013)
3 am (9/3/2013)
HH:3 (8/13/2013)
HH:2 (8/3/2013)
HH:1 (7/29/2013)
This is Not an Act (7/24/2013)
2580 (7/22/2013)
Come Back (7/11/2013)
Flashlight (6/26/2013)
Nothing At All (6/24/2013)
Heels over Head (6/22/2013)
Almost Right (6/17/2013)

Small Piles of Unrelated Feelings

The Life & Times

First Times

23 thoughts on “Nelly

  1. Inwardly says:

    Hi I would like to know the passwords for all protected chapters. After I have found about the first times, I haven’t actually stopped reading that every day. Thank you for this wonderful story btw,

  2. bubble seeker says:

    May I know the pass for first times slow – jammie fox?

  3. niknaks13 says:

    hi’ may I know the password for Girls love beyonce? I really like your story of Taeny. thanknyou.

  4. dalissandman says:

    Hey! I love all of your taeny stories. They are beautifully written and I’ve reread them several times. You have many different writing styles and plot lines and it’s very refreshing. I was just wondering what your favorite taeny fics are as it makes sense that a quality author likes quality work. 🙂 Can’t wait to read whatever you write next!

  5. taebiased says:

    Whats the pass for technicolor dreamscape authornim?? Thanks

    • nelly says:

      Sorry that I missed your comment! Technicolor Dreamscapes is locked to the public until I finish it completely. Once it’s done I’ll take the password lock off. 🙂

  6. Eleos says:

    I think you’ve set a different password for Technicolor Dreamscapes and forgot to mention it….either that or I’m totally typing the other one in wrong. I know you get asked for passwords A LOT and I wouldn’t be buging you about it otherwise. :/

    • nelly says:

      Hey sorry for the late reply. Technicolor Dreamscapes is locked to the public until I finish it completely. Once it’s done I’ll take the password lock off. 🙂

  7. Jaenx says:

    Hello sorry to bother you but what’s the password for Technicolor Dreamscapes? Thanks!

    • nelly says:

      Hey crap I just saw all these comments on my author page. Technicolor Dreamscapes is locked to the public until I finish it completely. Once it’s done I’ll take the password lock off. 🙂

  8. Eleos says:

    Hey! Sorry to bug you about passwords and such, but the password you have set up for all the locked fics doesn’t work for A Little Death. Did you set a different one for it?

    • nelly says:

      Ah you are totally right. The usual password doesn’t make much sense for this one since it’s YulSic. 😛 Password this time is petitemort.

  9. anonymous says:

    The psword for a lil death-the neighbourhood please…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Password for a little death- the neighbourhood? Thank u!~

  11. blubb says:


    what’s the password for the Jamie Foxx – Slow part of the story?
    Please promise me that you’ll never quit writing. I fell in love with your stories and FT became one of my favorite stories ever <3

    • nelly says:

      hey, thanks i appreciate it! the password for all of the locked fics is the same, you can find it in the comments below.

  12. superone says:

    I’m really liking your writing style and plots. I was wondering if I could get the passwords to the three protected fics you have (Slow, Outside and Wicked Games)

  13. glass says:

    hey there ^^
    I know my request is kinda weird but I still wanna ask you something teeheee
    Can you please list some (all hehe) of your favourite songs? It doesn’t matter wheather they’re old or not. I just noticed that I freakin’ love your taste when it comes to music.
    Please author-nim ^^

    • nelly says:

      Hey! This seems more of a personal question haha, so I’ll answer it on my twitter, @thenellybean. 🙂

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