First, a Soshified writer. Second, a happy victim of fanfiction. As for my stories, what I lack in the romance department I hope to make up for with intriguing characters and semi-intricate plots.

Also a secret Taengsic friend-shipper, but OT9 beats all.

Humor me, please?

Damocles Overthrown: Jury duty becomes a little less droll than usual. Bringing back that sweet, sweet OT9 that never should have left. Current ongoing.

A Thousand Little Vases: Because my OT9 mind won’t stop wondering. A group of shots to be updated whenever I’m feeling angstier than usual. But what is angst without some hope at the end?

The “Writer’s Block”: A collection of prompts given by itchysocks (and company?) on one of BySONE’s radio shows.

So Let Them Watch: Tenshot in which each member represents a concept from a different Girls’ Generation music video. PDF download available here.

SOSHI: Aesop’s Twisted Fable: The first episode featuring the Special Operations for Seoul Homicide Investigations. A billionaire’s daughter is in a coma, a notorious drug gang is on the rise, and each member of SOSHI has their own demons to face. PDF download available here.

SOSHI: The Roads We Have Taken: In this second episode, the Special Operations for Seoul Homicide Investigations takes on a serial bombing case. Jessica’s secret agent sister goes missing. Sooyoung continues to struggle with her family problems. PDF download available here.

Asleep Are the Dogs: What happens when a therapist with a love of peas, the leader of an underground organization doing above-ground work, a former soldier who may or may not have PTSD, a hacker with Valleygirl tendencies, the National Assembly tour guide with a few moves up her sleeve, a doctor going above and beyond the call of duty, the journalist looking for more than a story, a secretary with a penchant for screenwriting and picking locks, and the political intern who may not be good at politics at all, are thrown together in an attempt to save the city they all happen to live in? Yeah, it’s certainly a lot to deal with; but that didn’t stop them from trying. PDF download available here.

Oneshots: Here you will find OT9 feelings to the max, late nights, dragons, rooftops, trainee worries, war zones, hide-and-go-seek, (re)unions, card games, and morning antics galore.

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