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I am still writing fanfiction but future chapters will no longer be updated here.

Visit my personal writing space to view future updates.


Them fics.

So Nyuh High
(high school romance – sunyeonsic, yoonyul, soofany) COMPLETED + PDF

Personal Differences
(getting over differences – GB yulsic, taeny, yoonsunsoo, hyohyun) COMPLETED + PDF pending

299 792 458 m/s
(romance & secret agents – sunyeon, jeti, yoonyul) COMPLETED + PDF

The Switch
(switched bodies – yulsic, taeny, soosun, yoonhyun) COMPLETED + PDF

A Shot of You
(perception vs reality – taeny) COMPLETED + PDF

Hurricane Diarrhea
(shit happens – taeny) COMPLETED + PDF pending

Losing to the Heat
(a taeny/yulsic race to the finish) ON-GOING

(so sweet it hurts – GB yulsic, taeny) ON-GOING


(taeny, yulsic, taengsic…)
link to passes on One-shot! page

Ruff! Ruff!
(collection of Ginger’s stories of taeny)


52 thoughts on “itsakyo

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whats the pass for the way?

  2. C-anne says:

    Whats the pass for HD OT 29?

  3. sunlee16 says:

    Hey it’s me Sun Lee from twitter! I really enjoy your works. I’m waiting for the PDF version of The Switched! I never enjoy taeny fic because I’m just to jealous (sorry, fanytastic here) but when I read your A Shot from You I never felt any jealousy or something but if you can I hope you can write more JeTi fic! I just love the two haha!

    • itsakyo says:

      Hi there Sun Lee =)) aaahhhh yes thanks for the reminder on TS PDF. It’s been a month now xD I’ll try to put it out before the end of this month ^^
      JeTi? :33 our american girls. I’ll certainly write JeTi when they fit a story I have in mind =]

  4. Twolittleducklings says:

    Ohoho, can’t wait! :)))))

  5. Akashiya San says:

    Uhmmm.. what’s the password for HD#24?? Keke =)

  6. Myflawsandi says:

    Password for HD #24? ^^

  7. Jona says:

    Pw for pd49? Hehe

    • itsakyo says:

      hi 🙂 it’s on this page right here. all under personal differences passes. R49- nosebleed

  8. Alexandra says:

    Hello authorrr, your fics are really special and enjoyable! .I just wondering if I can have your pass for the latest PD protected? Thank u very muchh

    • itsakyo says:

      hi, the passes are on this page you’re on 🙂 under personal differences passes. the pass you want is for SKY which is showerspa
      you can check this page for the passes in future 😀

  9. ImFLounder says:

    I really love Hurricane Diarrhoea! (The story of course) I must say that you’ve got me hooked on to your fics! Keep em coming author-nimm 😀

    • itsakyo says:

      ahahaha i’m glad you clarified that it’s the story and not the actual thing XDDD and thank you! for supporting my stories ^^

  10. FzaR says:

    I really like your stories.. really enjoy reading it, mostly Ruff! Ruff!, A shot of you, Hurricane Diarrhea. If I were to sum it in one word it would be AWESOME!!

  11. iamchloeeeee says:

    How do I know the passwords for the latest Tiffany specials? 🙂 thank you^^;;;

  12. darkpluto says:

    hi again author, may ask for the latest two tiffany special part 2 (Youngkrys and mile high taeny)? ^^ TIA

  13. noob101 says:

    How do we get the password for the protected fics?

    • noob101 says:

      wheeeeeeeee! thanks a million.
      do we always have to ask for them or is there a place where all these are published?

      • sosnsded says:

        I dont publish them at a specific place. actually, those scenes are part of PD which I post mainly on SSF so I send out the passes through PMs in SSF and link them to this place because SSF is PG-13 only and these ones go way above 13 -hahaha- but if you want, I probably can update the list in my reply to you and you could check that one for the new passes. would that work?

  14. ktyhmy says:

    Can i hv taeng helps fany password?

  15. darkpluto says:

    hi author ^^ late catch-up reader here of your fic personal difference. i read your post in ssf. here i am, asking your password for the protected part Taeny first night back to seoul?? TIA author.

    anyway, i’m waiting for your next post ofGinger story?? are there gonna featuring Prince soon?? ^^

    • sosnsded says:

      the pass: inseoul
      and just in case you want the next pass for taeny: ouch

      yus im definitely planning to do another ginger shot and prince has to be in it. kekekekeke

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