by itsakyo

*inspired by taengstagram*

originally written for taeny’s 1527th page celebration, this double-shot is now a completed on-going.

appearances deceive. be careful what you perceive. ~ me


2 thoughts on “A Shot of You

  1. cupoftea says:

    I want more fanfic like this! * pitch fork’s up * lol. urgh , love how u portrayed possessive and jealous tiffany over taeyeon ! love the drama and everything here. SERIOUSLY LOVE THE DRAMA! I literally teared up when they got a fight . it would be great if you could come out w/ another fanfic like this? hoho. May God bless you in ur life. thanks for ur effort in writing this ! 🙂 author sshi, fighting ! and imagine if tiffany read ur fanfic 0.0 ( It’s nt impossible !!)

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