by itsakyo

This is my third fanfic and also my personal favourite.
Inspired by a badass picture of a Sunny look-a-like, this story talks about finding love that salvages and changes you from within.

An action-romance featuring Sunyeon, Jeti and a splash of YoonYul.


3 thoughts on “299 792 458 m/s

  1. sunlee16 says:

    Did I told you that I’m so inlove with this fic? Gosh, Sunny is a total bad ass here and Sica is so fierce! Keep it up!

    • sosnsded says:

      =D I’m very happy to hear that you like this one. It’s a special fic to me :3 especially cos I’m Sunny biased. kekeke. Glad to see support for Sunny fics! =DDD

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