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Astral Strings

Crack Shots

In the After-hours (5/12/2013)
X: Ragnarok (5/11/2013)
Taeyeonception (4/1/2013)


Just (8/14/2013)
Dream Quest (5/15/2013)
Spaces Inside (5/13/2013)
In Passing (5/12/2013)
Bluebell Dreams (5/12/2013)
Hush (5/12/2013)


Why, hello there. 🙂 just a little something I found tucked deep within my iPad. — It’s complicated, this world. No single act affects a single person and a single person alone. With invisible threads that link a lone grandmother’s nightly scolding to a young boy’s caring for a stray dog–a ripple in time is
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Dream Quest

For electric. This is what you get when you make me write sci-fi/fluff. LOL. Go ahead and see what monstrosity you’ve made me come up with. D: — When Taeyeon first heard about the mythical app that allowed people to meet their soul mates, she merely brushed it off as another one of those crazy
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Spaces Inside

PG-13. May make you feel uncomfortable. — When Sunny realizes what the girl across her has just said, when she understands what it means and what could happen, her instincts kick in and she staggers backward, frozen in fear. Seconds pass. Her eyes jerk open and she forces a smile. But it is too late.
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In the After-hours

For much of her stay in school, Fany had managed to stay a good girl. Yes, the kind of girl who didn’t step on people’s food and unhook their bras when they weren’t looking. Her momma said she’d get into lotsa trouble if she got caught, so when she couldn’t resist no longer, she went
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In Passing

There were six of around the table: my dad, my mom, my older brother, and younger sister–and the waitress. But it doesn’t last. Soon, the waitress finishes setting the table and leaves. It begins. And then there are four. I don’t leave physically, but my attention–and my eyes–follow the waitress. I take glances to make
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Bluebell Dreams

Death was one thing Tiffany never thought of. Until it actually happened. She was much too busy brewing tea for Mr. Toto and Barbie. She spent too much time braiding what she could of her brother’s hair, dabbled too much into the life of Strawberry Shortcake, and thought too much of what life would be
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Taeyeon swore to herself never to let Tiffany sleep without resolving any problems they may have had over the day. Although Hyoyeon had told her to relax, that problems were better off solved in time to let either of them cool off, Taeyeon feared the idea of tucking in and turning her back to Tiffany–just
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X: Ragnarok

Yoona trudged along the steep slope leading to the peak of the plateau. Sweat trickled down her forehead. She and Seohyun had been walking for days, stopping only every few hours to rest their legs. Minutes later, the silhouette of a large fort loomed in the distance. A wide smile crept across Yoona’s face as
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Chapter 4: Unearthing Secrets

It must’ve been a while since she had gotten proper sleep because her body clung to the futon like soot in a pan. Her tendons seared and her bones pulsed. The last thing Taeyeon remembered was feeling lost and having the surroundings loom over her dauntingly. And then there was that icy burn from the
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Chapter 2: To Where It All began

For the first time in her life as a messenger, Taeyeon didn’t send the mail she was given. Not only that, she even kept it for herself. Taeyeon returned to the future and acted like nothing happened. “Anything new happen today with Miyoung?” Yuri asked, setting her tray down and unwrapping her burger. Taeyeon shook
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