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Dialogue spoken in English is bolded. Posted as seen on Soshified.

“Hey, Taeng. Watcha doing?”

“Watching TV.” Taeyeon continued to flip idly through the channels. “Trying to see if I’ll find a commercial for ‘The 3rd Hospital’.” She smirked. “Or maybe a rerun of ‘Fashion King’?”

“Ha ha.” Yuri plopped on the couch beside her, mug in hand. “Stop making fun. Those were obviously my most glorious moments on screen.” She flipped her hair dramatically with one hand.

“Right.” Taeyeon chuckled, but kept her gaze on the television. “So you don’t have a schedule today either?”

“Nope.” Yuri took a sip of her drink. “Just you and me.” She grinned and brought her face right next to Taeyeon’s. “Excited?”

The older girl’s expression contorted as Yuri’s breath washed past her nose. “Yah, Kwon Yuri! Keep your ma away from me.” She scooted to the far end of the couch. “I thought you gave up on that stuff.”

Yuri laughed and set the mug on the coffee table. “What are you talking about? And all you guys are the weird ones for not liking it.”

Taeyeon eyed the drink suspiciously. “Actually, I think you secretly hate it too, but enjoy watching the rest of us suffer.” She threw her head back against the couch cushion. “Why am I the only one stuck here with you?”

“Yoona’s doing another FreshLook thing, Hyoyeon’s off at ‘Invincible Youth’, Juhyun’s at school, Tiffany’s gone to a fashion event—”

“Yes, yes, alright,” Taeyeon laughed, throwing a pillow at the other girl. “I get it. I’ve resigned to my fate now.”

“Yay! Took you long enough.” Yuri promptly slid off the couch.

Taeyeon leaned back in her seat, watching curiously as the taller girl opened the nearest closet and began scanning its contents critically. “What’re you looking for?”

Yuri hummed for a few seconds before spying a bright red box shoved in a corner. “Apples?”

“Uh…” Taeyeon blinked, confused, but her expression brightened when Yuri showed her the top of the box. “Oh! That’s the game Fany brought back from New York.”

Yuri shook it experimentally, listening to the cards shuffle around inside. “How do we play?”

Taeyeon shrugged. “Something about matching a red card to a green card. The green card is an adjective, so you want to put in the red card with the thing that you think most fits the description.”

Wow.” Yuri had lifted the cover and was examining the contents. “So much English.”

“Well, it is from the United States,” Taeyeon reminded her, amused. The shorter girl joined her friend on the carpet. “Let’s play!”

Yuri picked up a green card and her forehead wrinkled as she tried to read the word printed on it. “Ahck-wad?”

“What?” Taeyeon leaned over and laughed when she realized what Yuri was trying to pronounce. “Oh my goodness. You’re horrible.”

You try, then,” Yuri retorted indignantly.

Awkward,” Taeyeon replied with a cheeky grin, her tongue only stumbling slightly over the foreign “r” sound. “You know what that means, right?”

Yuri stuck her tongue out. “Of course I do. Now where’s the ‘Kim Taeyeon’ card? Her face is pretty awkward.”

“I’m deeply offended,” Taeyeon said mildly as she glanced over the instructions without any intention of actually reading them. “Somehow, I don’t think we’re playing this right.”

“Oh!” Yuri’s face brightened. “Tuh-dull! I want the tuh-dull card!”

Taeyeon looked up, confused. “What?”

“You know, that thing Sica did.” Yuri held out both of her hands with palms facing down, placed one on top of the other, and then wiggled her thumbs. “Ahck-wad tuh-dull.”

Taeyeon stared at Yuri’s hands for two seconds before bursting into her signature laugh.

Yuri smiled mischievously and made her “ahck-wad tuh-dull” hover right above Taeyeon’s nose. “Hey, see? Your face is awkward. The turtle says so!”

“Yah, get away from me.” Taeyeon batted the other’s hands away half-heartedly, still gasping for breath. “I need to take Sica out to dinner for this. I’d completely forgotten about her awkward turtle.”

Yuri pinched Taeyeon’s nose after hearing the latter’s accented English. “Your pronunciation isn’t that much better than mine after all, Taeng. Give it up.” She reached back into the box. “Next card!”

More?” Taeyeon protested through the last of her giggles, clutching her stomach. “I don’t think I can make it.”

Okay, ready?” Yuri continued cheerfully. She frowned in concentration as she sounded out the next word. “Cuh-rassy.”

Taeyeon plucked the card out of the younger girl’s fingers. “Cuh-lassy, Yuri-ah. Style.” She raised her eyebrows with a mock air of superiority.

Yuri gave her a playful shove. “Yah, stop pretending to be American.”

“Just because I can speak English better than you—”

“Hush!” Yuri narrowed her eyes in an attempt to glare, but Taeyeon and her teasing grin remained unfazed. “Your turn to pick the thing that goes with it.”

Taeyeon tapped her chin thoughtfully. “Okay…how about Choi Sooyoung? Lots of people like her fashion, so she’s pretty classy, right?”

“Unless she’s drunk,” Yuri snickered.

Taeyeon snorted in amusement. “Like that time when she ate ramyun right before—”

Yuri clapped her hands gleefully. “Oh, and then the carrots—”

“The chopsticks—she tried—” Taeyeon managed between cackles.

Yuri was no better. “And then—Yoona’s whoopee cushion—”

“What are you—that was your whoopee cushion!”

“Oh, you’re right—and then—and then—the stickers!”

“Yeah! In the—the cereal bowl. With the rubber duck!” Both girls collapsed to the floor, whatever conversation they had left dissolving into unrestrained giggles.

With great effort, Yuri lifted an arm from where she lay and felt blindly for another card. “Next!” She paused to release one last chuckle. “Long.”

“Yuri, you’re too long. Be shorter,” Taeyeon murmured, half-delirious from hilarity as she wiped a tear from her eye.

I’m normal,” Yuri replied with a smirk. “It’s you shorties who have the problem.”

“Hey now.” Taeyeon waved a finger in the other girl’s face, making Yuri go cross-eyed. “If Sunny and Hyo and I combined, we’d be so tall…”

Yuri snorted. “What are you guys? Transformers?”

Taeyeon giggled. “Ah, you see? That’s why Soonkyu likes video games so much. She’s one of them.

“I give up!” Yuri tossed the green card on top of the already haphazard piles inside the box. “American games are too confusing.”

“Hey!” Tiffany brightened, glancing around the room and counting the various members sprawled around it. “We’re all here, right?”

“Probably,” Sooyoung replied between bites of her banana. “Although…if by ‘here’, you actually meant ‘awake’…”

“After my nap, you are so dead, Choi Sooyoung,” came Jessica’s irritated mutter from the pile of blankets and pillows on the couch.

“Where’d you get that banana, unnie?” Yoona interrupted. “I like bananas. I want a banana.”

“Jess, wake up.” Tiffany clapped her hands, grinning excitedly. “Since we’re all here, we can finally play this game I got during SMTOWN!”

“Anything’s better than rock-paper-scissors.” Sunny looked at Hyoyeon meaningfully. “Again. And again. And again.”

The blonde girl grinned back. “You just don’t like it because you always lose.”


Eight heads whipped around to stare at Tiffany, who had lifted the lid off of a big red box. “What happened here? Why is it so messy?”

“Maybe it came like that?” Seohyun suggested. “Or did someone else play it before us?”

Tiffany turned at the sound of barely restrained snickers. “Kim Taeyeon, Kwon Yuri…why are you laughing so hard?”