I AM DA WASABI WARRIAH~! I shall try my best to write you all good SoShi fan-fics with teh twist of mai wasabi!!! I hope to see you all soon. ^^


Best Served Soup:

I write stories. Back when I was younger I used to scrutinise the books I read. Even if I didn’t read many things, I still learned a lot. Any genre that I can write, I write. Quality is what I seek out the most, though it never usually succeeds. I hope you like my content.



Like many writers out there, I’m always looking for ways to create stories that are compelling to my audience. I try to create meaning through my writing. There’s nothing that makes me happier then having people enjoy my work.



I write oneshots that end unsatisfyingly. Not sure what you’ll find here, but I hope it’ll at least be somewhat interesting.

Let’s see where this goes.



First, a Soshified writer. Second, a happy victim of fanfiction. As for my stories, what I lack in the romance department I hope to make up with intriguing characters and semi-intricate plots.

Also a secret Taengsic friend-shipper, but OT9 beats all.

Humor me, please?



As a writer: I like writing stories that center around overarching feelings. Could be happy, could be sad, could be joy, could be despair. I also have a thing for parallel structure. 😛 As a human being: I like video game art, good music, the sound of rain, and girls with red hair.



I’m capable and awesome. rawr.

I’m also a figment of your imagination brought to life by your need for fanfiction.

…Just kidding! I’m a real person (really), and so far I’ve only written TaeNy but will soon be branching out to other OTPs. The one thing you can always count on, though, is for my stories to feature our one and only kid leader. Hope you enjoy!



Don’t take anything I say seriously. Unless I’m being serious. Wait what? I talk too fast…

I don’t write to necessarily be realistic. I write to entertain. To make you feel something. To bring something to life in your mind. To paint a picture with words. Because reading should be like dreaming with your eyes open.



I’m happy when I write and I wanna write happy stuff so that you’ll read it and be happy too. Happy much?

I’m into fluff, romance, fluff, action-romance, fluff, mystery, fluff, sci-fi-romance, fluff…you get the point, ya?

Fluff makes me happy. ‘_’v (cr. taengstagram) Do you like fluff too?



Hey. I write when I’m wasted. Pour me a shot.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. onami says:

    How to submit work to become a writer?

    • admin says:

      Sorry, but as of right now, we’re not accepting applications for writers. Keep writing, though! 🙂

  2. Mykayoong says:

    Where’s Donkatsu’s?

    • admin says:

      Donkatsu is more of a featured writer than an actual BySone writer since she does also run her own website.

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