A Thousand Little Vases: Through Some Distant Frame

July 29, 2015 in A Thousand Little Vases, moonrise31 by moonrise31

A metaphor I once heard: When a vase shatters, it doesn’t break into a thousand little vases.

In other words: Something that has been torn apart can never be returned to its original form.

But consider: This something, pieced together with tireless effort and unending care, can still become something beautiful.

Through Some Distant Frame

Seohyun had only one wish for her birthday that year.

The others had had the same one, of course. Hyoyeon joked that the fact that it happening a week after hers made for a great present, and then laughed it off in a way that almost made the others not wrap comforting arms around her shaking shoulders. Yuri tried so, so hard, but their schedules just didn’t seem to match. Not even when Sooyoung’s birthday arrived. March 9th came and went; Taeyeon said nothing about their “Mr.Mr.” promotions and their win, their trophy, presented by her exactly a year before.

April passed by even more quietly.

Sunny and Yoona settled for a joint celebration, because time was getting too tight for much else, and especially for the person who spared them a quick “Happy birthday!” in the group chat somewhere in between their respective dates.

But Seohyun possessed “supreme maknae powers”, as Hyoyeon had dubbed them. And so, eight days after she asked Jessica to be present at her birthday gathering in the dorm, a knock that they had all been half-anticipating-half-dreading finally sounded at the door.

The birthday girl, of course, was the first one to tackle Jessica and promise to never let go.

Jessica, for her part, tried to remind the rest as they gathered around that it wasn’t like they hadn’t seen each other at all over the past several months. Tiffany argued that it had been almost a year since they’d really all hung out, and then promptly threw her arms around both Jessica and Seohyun, cutting off the former’s retort.

Once Jessica had been sufficiently smothered, Sooyoung pulled back and announced that they were already behind schedule, because everyone was here (finally, after nearly nine months) and the alcohol remained unopened. Taeyeon made some weak protest that they really shouldn’t be spending this night only partly sober, to which Sunny dragged her into the kitchen and threatened to make her down the first shot.

Yoona took Jessica’s hand and led her further into the dorm.

The hours passed in a blur, faster than the previous year, perhaps even faster than the previous seven had gone. At some point, Hyoyeon fumbled around the table until she was able to grasp her phone. With a silly grin plastered on her face, she jumped up and skipped to the head of the table, yelling that a moment like this needed to last forever.

She raised the phone high above her head, making sure to catch all nine faces smiling back.

Then Jessica held out her hand and offered to take one for the rest of them. It wouldn’t do, she reasoned, to not post anything publicly when it was the maknae’s birthday.

The gentle chatter fell silent. The weight of the secrets they now had to keep, piling higher and higher every day, sank more heavily over their heads.

Hyoyeon looked down at her phone, frowning slightly. Yuri had to gently slip the device from her fingers and hand it over to Jessica with soft eyes, as if it was the peace offering they needed all along.

Jessica waited until Hyoyeon had returned to her seat before holding up the phone and taking a deep breath. “Okay, everyone. Smile!”

Seohyun started to say that Jessica was standing too close, but the older woman only raised an eyebrow, daring her to continue. The maknae relented, only pouting for a moment since it was her birthday and not anyone else’s, before throwing up a V-sign and a photo-ready expression.

The phone camera clicked only once before Jessica lowered her arms. Hyoyeon raised a finger and threatened to never let Jessica leave if the picture turned out fuzzy. Jessica just rolled her eyes and handed the phone over. “It’s fine, Hyo. See for yourself.”

The others gathered around. Sooyoung had to agree that it was indeed fine — a perfect shot, even.

Tiffany looked up, eyes curving up with her lips, and said that really, this was even more of a reason to never let Jessica step out of the dorm again.

Based off of this Instagram post.