09: Charts

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Fifteen minutes into writing her first prompted piece, Tiffany regretted her decision with extreme feeling.

“What the fudge am I writing? This doesn’t make sense. At all. Why? Why did I do this?” She groaned and slumped forward onto the table.

It wasn’t working out very well. After sending off that confident “yes of course I’ll do it” email to Yuri, Tiffany had grabbed the stack of papers and started to rifle through them. There were some pretty weird ones, ones that she warily put off to the side, but some of them seemed pretty workable . Tiffany had picked one that she liked and started to write the story.

And that’s where things started to fall apart.

Hi Tiffany! OMG I loved your last story so much! Couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud, which was awkward. I was wondering, do you like stories with super complicated plots? I would really like to read about a story where, maybe, there’s a crazy man and he’s trying to kill people, but some random-and-yet-connected people can like, work things out and stop him? That would be awesome. Like, I know it’s a bit hard but please? If you can do this, it would be so awesome.  I love stories like these, they’re soooo cool, especially if there’s a genius hacker and like, underground connections and ommmmgggg

Tiffany had thought that was a good idea. Intriguing and fun to write – she would definitely enjoy the twists and turns of a story like that. She could already see it happening, the hacker was definitely an attractive idea. And the antagonist would be all casual-like, no hostility but oozing evil. It was going to be super awesome.

It took Tiffany about five minutes before she gave up, five minutes to roll around wailing, and five more minutes of frustrated noises before she quit.

“Nuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr.” She stuck her tongue out and made a face at her screen. “Why are you like this? Why did I agree to this, stupid Hwang, why?!”

After about three more minutes of anguished debating, she took out her phone and typed out a lengthy text to Yuri.


When she hit return, her autocorrect decided to take matters into its own hands.

“No, dammit, you stupid phone, why would I want to advocate fowl bowling wielder?” Tiffany gave up on the text and closed the app in despair. What did that even mean?

To: taepeapea999@xmail.com
From: fanylovespink@xmail.com
what am I doing D: I can’t write anymore and it’s late and I’ve sat here for like, forever, like, idk 15 mins and I can’t write anything D: this is so hard ommmgggggg

After clicking send, Tiffany leaned her face on her desk and hummed a sad little ditty. Now what was she to do? Her first prompt and it was already a fail. Maybe she really did need to tell Yuri that she was quitting that project, but she would wait for Taeyeon to give her the okay first. Because Taeyeon seemed to like the idea.

Her phone buzzed.

To: fanylovespink@xmail.com
From: taepepea999@xmail.com
Your highness,
Did you just start on one? It’s like, almost two! Why aren’t you asleep? Go sleep, and we can talk about this tomorrow. I’ll see you at that corner café at nine tomorrow morning, with all the prompts and your laptop. Now, go sleep. Don’t reply to this.
Taeyeon the Great
P.S. Sleep now.

Tiffany read the reply and grinned. Yeah, it was late. Okay. She would sleep now, and wake up tomorrow and convince Taeyeon that this was a bad idea, and then they could go see Yuri and convince her that it was a bad idea.

Good idea.

“Hey, look, it’s Hweng the Bard!”

Tiffany rolled her eyes, grinning despite herself. “Morning to you too, Sooyoung.”

“You’re very early today, small person.” Sooyoung raised her eyebrows. “Ready to mumble to yourself in the corner again?”

“One caramel coffee, please.”

“Coming right up. And don’t be rude, please, Hweng; when people ask you questions, you’re meant to give some information.”

Tiffany was just about to answer when a voice behind her said, “Does she really mumble to herself in the corner?”

She turned around to see Taeyeon trying to hide an amused smile. Whoa, where had the girl come from? She totally didn’t hear the door open – Taeyeon must be a ninja!

“Yeah, she does. Same table, same drink, same stream of unintelligible words.” Sooyoung peered around Tiffany. “So you’re her friend, then?”

“Not really, I’m just mostly here to clean up her messes.”

“Hey!” Tiffany’s jaw dropped as the two nodded at each other, plain evil written on their faces. “Kim Taeyeon!”

Sooyoung plonked a mug down onto the counter. “Hush, child. Take your drink and go sit in your corner. Time out for you, let me talk to your munchkin friend.”

“Oh, you didn’t just call me that, friend.” Taeyeon took out her wallet. “But yes, Tiffany, go sit down first. I’ll deal with this abnormal monstrosity.”

“Oho, you use big words too, eh? All you tiny folk do that to make up for your lack in size.”

Tiffany couldn’t help but smile at their banter as she walked towards her usual table, safely tucked away in the back. She held the cup carefully and managed to make it to her destination without spilling a drop. Plopping down onto the seat, she sipped her drink and waited for Taeyeon.

Soon enough, the girl arrived with a mug in hand.

“What’s that?” asked Tiffany, trying to peek into Taeyeon’s cup.

“Just coffee. Nothing fancy and sweet like yours.”

Tiffany made a face. “That’s so boring.”

“At least this way, I can taste coffee, and not just oozing sugar crawling down my throat,” said Taeyeon matter-of-factly. “So, where are the prompts?”


“The prompts. The comments?”

“Oh.” Tiffany sighed and reached into her bag. “Here.”

Taeyeon took the offered stack of papers and flipped through them. “Cool, there are some pretty nice ideas here. Which one did you choose?”

“Actually, I-”

“Oooh!” Taeyeon held up one of the papers and waved it excitedly. “Did you see this one? It looks pretty dang awesome.”

Relucantly, Tiffany reached over and pulled the paper closed. To her surprise, it was the prompt she had been working on. “Uh, this one is actually the story I was going to write.”

“Really? Cool. So you’re feeling stuck?”

Tiffany nodded. “It’s surprisingly hard to write with the idea and stuff already given to you.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Taeyeon nodded, picking up her cup. “So, tell me. What were you planning to write about for this story?”

“Actually, I-”

“Holy shiz!”

Tiffany jumped up in alarm as Taeyeon started to cough. Taking the dangerously wobbling mug away from Taeyeon and setting it on the table, Tiffany patted Taeyeon’s back anxiously. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah-” Taeyeon croaked, coughing again. “Dang. I didn’t know the drink was going to be so hot.”

“Aish, you, be careful! It’s a hot drink, of course it’d be hot!”

Taeyeon nodded sheepishly. “Yes, yes. I’m sorry, that was stupid. What were you saying?”


“Right! We were talking about your idea for the story. Cool. So, tell me, any ideas for the crazy man? Are you keeping him male?”

Tiffany sighed and decided to answer Taeyeon’s questions first. She would bring up the matter of telling Yuri “no” later. “Yeah, I think I’m going to make it a guy. It just seems to fit a little better, you know?”

“I agree with you.  And the rest of the story?”

“That’s my problem.” Tiffany blew on the top of her drink. “I don’t know what else to write. I don’t know how to start the story.”

“Okay, so how about we start from the top? Do you have pen and paper?”

Tiffany took out a pen from her bag. “We can use one of the prompt papers.”

“Cool. Wait…is this pen pink?”



“Well,” said Tiffany, frowning at Taeyeon, “if you don’t like it, I’ll write so you don’t have to touch pink.”

“No, no, it’s fine. I want to be able to read these notes afterwards,” said Taeyeon, grinning cheekily at Tiffany. Tiffany just rolled her eyes. “So, okay, firstly we have the evil guy. What is his personality like?”

“Uh…maybe like, cocky?”

Tiffany watched as Taeyeon carefully wrote “cocky” down on the paper. “Anything else? Try to go for three main adjectives to describe him.”

“Let’s see. Cocky, uh, intelligent and…I don’t quite know how to describe it, he should seem kind of innocent and casual.”

“Okay, that works.” Taeyeon noted that down. “Now, for the conflict. Wait, no! Whoops, before that, where do you want to set your story?”

“I…I don’t really know.”

Taeyeon raised her eyebrows. “Do you not usually brainstorm like this?”

“No,” said Tiffany, shaking her head. “I just write when I get a plot and then whatever comes to me is whatever’s in the story.”

“I see. That would explain a lot.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, your stories tend to be a little thin on descriptions and setting, mostly focusing on conflict and character building. Which isn’t a bad thing at all – it’s just that, for stories like these, when the idea isn’t actually yours to begin with,” – Taeyeon gestured at the paper in front of her – “it’s often better to write things down first and set the story up.”

“Oh.” Tiffany tapped her chin. “Hmm, I see how that would be helpful. How about…we can have this happen in a city? So if Mr. Crazy did something crazy, it would be more of a pressing matter?”

“Good. I agree, a city can allow for more tension than, say, a field in the middle of nowhere.” Taeyeon nodded for Tiffany to continue.

“Um, I’m thinking…” To her surprise, Tiffany realized that she really was thinking about the story. “I’m thinking maybe something about bombs and stuff? Because I want to have a hacker in the story.”

“Oh? A hacker?” Taeyeon blinked, interested.

“Uh, yeah.” Tiffany winced “I’m not really sure how hackers work, but it sounds like they would be a fun character to include in the story.”

“Okay, hacker. Anyone else?”

“So, it’s a bomb. I guess we’d need to have someone who can defuse bombs?”

“Alright! You’re on a roll.”

And she was. Tiffany was really surprised – pleasantly so – to find that the ideas were coming, one after the other, all of them linking up. Soon, they had a whole page filled with characters and plot-bits and Tiffany was really having a lot of fun. Occasionally, Taeyeon would ask a question to help clarify her idea, and then sometimes she would laugh and grin at the plot twists that Tiffany came up with.

They were about to talk about the title for the story when someone coughed next to them. “Sorry to disturb this Council of Midgets, but it’s eleven and you’re very likely late to your classes,” said Sooyoung, empty plates in her hand. “So if you need to run, please do skedaddle, my little bunnies.”

“Shoot.” Taeyeon jumped to her feet. “Argh, my Physics professor is going to give me that spiel again.”

“Sorry about that, Taeyeon,” said Tiffany, hurriedly packing up. “I should’ve kept track of time. I’m really sorry for making you late!”

“It’s okay! Don’t apologize – that was fun!”

Tiffany nodded vehemently. “That was super helpful. I’m going to go back and write this, and then I’ll send it to you!”

“Sorry to interrupt,” interrupted Sooyoung, “but you just lost another three minutes. Small Midget, you need to go now.”

“Okay, okay!” Taeyeon grabbed her bag and walked backwards towards the door. “Thanks, Sooyoung! Thanks, Tiffany!”


“You too, Tall Midget. Get going.”

“Thanks, Sooyoung!”

Just as she was about to run out of the door, Tiffany heard Sooyoung calling after her. “Ey! Tall Midget! You left a piece of paper on the table.”

“Oh!” Tiffany ran back to the table and grabbed the sheet of notes, putting it safely into her backpack. “Thank you again!”

“Okay, okay, now shoo.” Sooyoung shook her head when the door finally closed after Tiffany. “All these little midgets running around, it’s giving me a headache. Aish.”


a/n: the story in this chapter is actually a real story! written by the amazing moonrise31, here’s the story: Asleep Are The Dogs

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