06: Rewrite

June 13, 2013 in Grammar and Conventions, lau0601 by lau0601

Tiffany couldn’t take it anymore.

It had been an excruciating day after the email had been sent out. At lunch, she had thought about Taeyeon’s reply. After lunch, she wondered what she would do if Taeyeon said yes. Then, fifteen minutes later, she panicked and rechecked her phone to make sure the email was properly sent. At dinner, she didn’t realize she was just chewing on her knife until her teeth felt a little tingly – her mind was elsewhere, thinking of red pens and commas and stars.

So she told herself she wouldn’t think about it after dinner. That had worked pretty well, all the way up till bedtime. She tried really hard, she really did, but the whole night was spent with her lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, waiting for the library to open. Somehow, though, in the wee hours of the morning she must’ve fallen asleep because when her eyes snapped open, it was already past noon.

And now, after five frantic minutes of franticness, she was up and ready and about five steps away from the waiting manuscript. Tiffany gulped and forced herself to walk calmly towards her seat. Calm. Yes. Tiffany Calm Hweng. Hwang. Very calm.

She reached for the paper. Yes, slowly, not a good time to get a papercut now. Tiffany knew she probably looked the right idiot, sweating profusely in the middle of a busy library, but well – image? What image?

The moment of truth. Tiffany took a deep breath and flipped right to the end.

I see what you mean about it being hard to follow. You want to say that the memories are getting in the way of his understanding, right? Right now, it’s unclear; you should either explain that explicitly or make the subtle hints a lot less subtle. All in all, I don’t quite think this chapter cuts it, not if you want it to match the tone and flow of the previous chapter. Also, you really don’t need to do anything for me, I don’t drink coffee anyway.

Tiffany sat down.


Wait, what?

Okay, so maybe she didn’t expect Taeyeon to actually say yes – or wait, no, she did – but like she wasn’t desperate for that yes. Hey, she was okay with it, because coffee was not that interesting. Yeah. Somehow though, the tone and the flat out “no” didn’t help with the sting of the rejection of her work. Wow. That was a depressing comment.

Yeah, she was disappointed. Tiffany was just disappointed.

Great. A great start to her day.

She woke up with a start at the loud sound outside her door. Staring at her ceiling, Tiffany blinked.

“Dude! Can you be careful with that, please? Seriously.”

“Sorry, wasn’t like I dropped it on purpose, okay? Geez, calm down.”

Tiffany glanced at her watch when the voices had faded away. Four o’clock. That had been a long nap. She sat up and found her shoes.

After reading over Taeyeon’s comment for what seemed like the 50th time, Tiffany had given up on trying to stay optimistic and opted to take a break from the world – therefore, a dramatic two-hour nap.

It didn’t feel like the nap had helped solve any of her confusions, though. She was just as baffled as before, not to mention slightly insulted. Why was this Taeyeon so weird? Seriously, who went from being completely silent to babbling like the Niagara Falls, and back to a frozen icicle? Who did that?

Rude people did that.

But somehow, Taeyeon didn’t sound like a rude person. Tiffany frowned. Maybe there was some kind of mysterious reason for this weird change? Was Taeyeon a secret agent? A fugitive? A supermodel? Was that why she didn’t want to be seen?

Either way, it didn’t matter. Taeyeon was Tiffany’s beta, not some kind of friend or anything. Just a beta. So what if Taeyeon didn’t want coffee? As long as the edits kept coming, it was all good.

Tiffany nodded to herself. Yup, just a beta. Taking out the manuscript, she opened up the document on her computer.

Hmm, so this chapter didn’t cut it. Well then, no matter, redo. Tiffany highlighted the entire document and hit “delete”. Giant white expanse of potential. Yes.

Just as she was about to type out the title, Tiffany paused.

When her chapter was rejected, she was okay with retrying and rewriting from the start. So what in the world was preventing her from retrying after her offer of coffee was rejected?

Yup! She wasn’t called Tiffany Awesome Hwang for nothing. Giving up was for losers – Tiffany Awesome Hwang never gave up.

To: taepeapea999@xmail.com
From: fanylovespink@xmail.com
Subject: ice cream?
Attachment: december1.doc
Hey Taeyeon!
How about ice cream? I have coupons for two free double scoops. By the way, here’s the redo. I think this will have to be the second last chapter, because it’s going to be Christmas soon and it’ll have to be published by then.
Tiffany ^^
P.S. you can reply to my emails, you know?

Yeah, Tiffany Awesome Hwang was in da haus.

The next day, Tiffany raised her eyebrows at the last line of red.

I don’t take bribes

Really now? Bribe? How was that a bribe? But, okay – if nice things didn’t work on Taeyeon, time for more trauma. Because no one defied the Awesome Hwang.

To: taepeapea999@xmail.com
From: fanylovespink@xmail.com
Subject: please?
Hey Taeyeon!
Okay, so this isn’t another story and I know it’s like, barely two days since the last time I emailed you but if I write something you’ll edit it, right?
Taeyeon likes; ice-crim
Tiffnay haz too coupons
Dey xpire soone
I expect the edits for my beautiful haiku tomorrow. 
Tiffany ^^

She leaned back, grinning goofily at her poem. Hopefully Taeyeon would at least reply, even if she kept refusing ice-cream?