05: Initiation

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Tiffany hummed to herself.

“Kenji?” The boy next to her looked up at the sound of Yuri’s voice. “You can come in now.”

Tiffany gave him a smile as he stood up. The door closed behind him, and once again the waiting room was quiet. No one said anything, and no one looked at any one else. It was like they were trying to not look at each other – or maybe Tiffany was just mistaken?

Oh wells. No matter. Tiffany shrugged and took out her manuscript again. She had taken to calling the hard copies “manuscripts” because, well, wasn’t that what they called hard copies in the olden days? It was a cool word. Old was cool – except old socks were not cool. Tiffany giggled to herself.

There was a nervous cough from someone in the room.

Tiffany opened it up to the last page again. Seeing the name in bright red, right at the bottom, she couldn’t help but smile. Finally, taepeapea999 had answered! And now she had a name to go with the edits. Taeyeon.

She wondered briefly about this Taeyeon. Evidently, they really didn’t like mistakes, semi-colons especially. Boy or girl? Huh, she had always assumed it was a girl – maybe it was the handwriting. But now, with the name, yes, Taeyeon was probably a girl. Ooh. Maybe she was a strict, bespectacled lady with a really sharp nose?

“Thanks! I’ll try to get it to you by the end of this week.”

Tiffany looked up as Yuri’s door opened and the boy walked out. He paused slightly.

“Um, Tiffany Hwang?”

“Yup! That’s me!”

The boy swallowed. “Um, your turn.”

“Thanks!” Tiffany flashed him a smile and began to pack up her things. When she stood up, he had already disappeared. “Whoa, why did he leave in such a hurry?”

No one answered her. Tiffany shrugged and knocked on Yuri’s door.

“Come in.”

Tiffany set her things down on the floor and flopped into the chair in front of Yuri’s desk. “Yo, Corn Yul!”

Yuri raised an eyebrow. “A good day to you too, Tiffany.”

“Whatcha doing?”

“Finalizing the articles for this week’s edition.”

“Oh, okay!”

Yuri narrowed her eyes at Tiffany. “Did you drink Red Bull again?”

“What? No, I didn’t. I haven’t drunk it in a long time now.”

“Then why are you smiling?”

Tiffany gave her a look. “Am I not allowed to?”

“Well, no,” said Yuri, shuffling her papers off to the side, “but you usually don’t smile this much. Did something happen?”

TAEYEON. “Uh, no?”

“You sure? Then why did Kenji look so scared when he came in?”

“What? I didn’t do anything! I just smiled at him!”

Yuri blinked at her. “You just smiled at him.”


“Tiffany, are you sure you’re okay? Nothing’s wrong, right? You know you can tell me?”

“Yes, I’m okay. It was just a smile! I smiled at everyone in the room!”

“Everyone in the room. Great, I’ll have to de-stress all of them later. Really, Hweng,” said Yuri with a grin, “you need to cut down on the Red Bull.”

“But I di-”

“Okay, okay. It’s fine. Anyway, I called you in here because I want to give you an assignment.”


“Yup. It’s Christmas soon, so in order to build it up a little, I’d like for you to write a series. Like, a story that maybe has a few chapters.”

“But…I’ve never done that before.” Tiffany frowned.

“I know, that’s why I’m telling you in advance. I know you’re capable of it, Tiffany. Just think of it as, well, a longer story than usual.”

“And it has to do with Christmas?”

Yuri nodded. “Preferably, since this is kind of our lead-up to the Christmas edition. It’s not due yet, of course. The deadline for the first chapter is the end of this month. Is this okay with you?”

“I think so. I’ll try to send you a draft as soon as possible.”

“Thanks! And good work so far, I’ve received a lot of good comments on your work.”

Tiffany thought back to the one single word in red, and smiled. “Thanks! Okay, then, I’m going to go and work on it now. Don’t stay too late, boss.”


To: taepeapea999@xmail.com
From: fanylovespink@xmail.com
Subject: thank you!
Attachment: nov4.doc
Hi Taeyeon!
Thanks for answering my question; see, that wasn’t too hard now, was it? Anyway, good job with the editing, I see you managed to read despite the seriously crappy grammar ^^
Right, and here’s my draft of something Yuri told me to write, a longer series for Christmas. Tell me what you think?
Why is your username taepeapea999? Mine is because I like pink…but I guess that’s self-explanatory.

She took a deep breath, and flipped over the papers. Yup, red marks everywhere, as usual. And the last page…

I like peas.

Tiffany grinned.

To: taepeapea999@xmail.com
From: fanylovespink@xmail.com
Subject: 🙂
Attachment: nov8.doc
Hi Taeyeon!
Peas? Interesting interest. Each to their own, I guess? Anyway, I’ve made the edits like you suggested. For the part where they reach the corner, I meant to reveal that in the next chapter. Would that be okay, do you think? Cuz I’ve never written anything beyond a single entry.
Hey, how old are you? I’m 19.

I’m also 19, keke. And as for the corner scene, I think it’s okay then, if you want it in the next part.

To: taepeapea999@xmail.com
From: fanylovespink@xmail.com
Subject: Part II
Attachment: nov14.doc
Hey, we’re the same age! And by the way, sorry for the late reply and stuffies, I had a lot of work this week D: I added the corner scene here, is it better like this? Also, what do you think of the background story? Was it too unrealistic?
What’s your favorite color? Guess what mine is :]

My favorite color is purple. And, hmm, if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say you like pink? ^^ Background story: slightly hard to believe, if you have to give him such an unusual authority. And the corner part, ah, now I see what you meant to do with that image. Good; don’t randomly throw out images and not use them. I was just worried that you were going to leave it hanging. Careful with an overuse of adjectives too. 

To: taepeapea999@xmail.com
From: fanylovespink@xmail.com
Subject: 🙂
Attachment: nov18.doc
Whoa! You guessed right! How did you know my favorite color is pink? Here, I edited the previous part and changed his background story. I also added a bit at the end; do you think that’s a good idea? I was a bit worried it might be a little boring there if it’s just a single tree.
Next question: favorite ice cream?

I guessed it was pink because I’m psychic ^^ Okay, background story is good now. And the bit at the end – hmm, it’s okay, I guess, but really, I don’t feel like it was necessary. It was good as it was in the beginning, don’t worry! But if you do still want to include this, I’d suggest you cut down on the description and get right to the heart of the emotions, because it’s at the end of the chapter. :]

“Yo, Hweng.”

The tap on her shoulder nearly caused her drink to make an unexpected reappearance through her nose. “Hhhrjdh?!”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” Yuri hovered anxiously as Tiffany coughed and desperately grabbed for a tissue. “I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“I’m okay,” gasped Tiffany, finally catching her breath. “So, is there a reason for this attempted murder?”

“I’m really sorry about that, I-”

“I know. Just say it.”

“I really like the Christmas series. Taeyeon helped you with it, didn’t she? Aish, need to go buy her lunch someday.” Yuri shook her head. “Anyway, just wanted to tell you that we’ll be publishing the first part of it today. Woohoo!”

“Wait, what?”

“I said, we’re going to publ-”

“No, before that.”

Yuri paused for a moment. “Uh…what did I say?”

“You know Taeyeon?”

“Oh sh- I just told you her name didn’t I?”

“Wait, you know Taeyeon?”

“You know her name already? How?”

“She told me!” Tiffany put her cup down. “You know her? And you never told me?”

“Uh, of course I know her. I gave you her email, didn’t I?”

“Ugh, Corn Yul! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Yuri shrugged. “She told me not to.”


“Ask her yourself, since you got her name by yourself too.”

“Yuri, please…”

“No aegyo, remember? Now finish your drink, class starts in five minutes.”

Tiffany paused, fingers hovering above her keyboard. Would Taeyeon answer if she asked? Or would she think Tiffany was too forward and stop leaving her little notes altogether? They didn’t know each other well enough yet, right?

She took a deep breath.

To: taepeapea999@xmail.com
From: fanylovespink@xmail.com
Subject: do you like coffee?
Attachment: nov25.doc
Hey Taeyeon!
Did you see the story in this issue of Stewie? It looks nice, doesn’t it? And here’s the next part, might be a little hard to follow but I hope you like it! Anyway, do you like coffee? Wanna meet up for a drink sometime? I want to show my appreciation for all that you’ve done for my stories.
Tiffany ^^

Well, that was that. It was out of her hands – now to see what this mysterious Taeyeon was going to say.